Tiny Magic [+ Ontario/NS/PEI Tour]

To the coolest person in the world (that’s you),

Holy smokes - do I ever have a whole lot of updates. Many, many teeny tiny little updates, each one exciting in its own right. Historically, I’m a jaded optimist at best, and I’m certainly not a mathematician, but I do know that big things are most often just the sum of many many little things working together, and thinking about it in these terms gives me strength to push on in a very challenging [sometimes disheartening] industry. It’s a strange feeling to try to express, and the best way I can put it is to say that there is a healthy amount of what I like to call “tiny magic” going on at the moment. Magic feels like the right word because magic doesn’t have to make sense in order to be exciting. Magic almost requires confusion upon reception in order to be given its illustrious title, thriving somewhere near the borderlines of mystery, fear and intrigue. Some of this current magic I speak of is microscopic and barely incubating, while some of it more visible, tangible, and growing. Nonetheless, each of these tiny glimmers of greatness, slivers of promise, and seeds of growth is each adding up to something. And whatever that something is, I’m excited to be able to share it with you someday soon.

But for right now, I just wanted to let you all know that I’m thrilled to be going out on tour with PEI songstress and pal Rachel Beck for two weeks at the end of November. We’ll be doing a string of co-bills and songwriter’s circles with local artists throughout Ontario, Nova Scotia, and PEI. It’s gonna be magical. I promise.

And look, its on a poster.

Fall 2018 Tour w/ Rachel Beck.

Fall 2018 Tour w/ Rachel Beck.