Photo by  Jen Squires  

Photo by Jen Squires 

The Story:

Several Februarys ago, I was an unemployed full-time busker in a city whose skies hadn't stopped raining in over a month, and the very recent sudden death of one of my best friends was still occupying my every thought. I was lonely. I was broke. And I hadn't seen the sun in what felt like an eternity. l don't know why it is that the mind tends to seek comfort in memories, but for whatever reason, on this particularly gloomy February day, I found myself holed up in the bedroom of the shared house I was living in... sprawled out on the bed just dwelling on the fact that the love-type relationship I had been in with someone the year prior was no longer. I'd close my eyes and try to take myself back to a time that didn't suck so much, and in that fleeting instant, it was was comforting.

In hindsight its easy to look at the situation and brush it off as a formative dry spell, but in the moment I felt powerless. Maybe it was because of all of the Valentine's Day crap everywhere, or maybe I was just having a bad day, but I kept wondering if maybe I had done things differently, tried a bit harder to keep that love alive, then maybe we would still be together. I SERIOUSLY thought that I had lost the "love of my life" and that I was doomed to be alone forever.

[For clarity: I realize now how ridiculous that was, as I only ever found true happiness when I stopped looking for it in other people and found it in myself. ALSO - I haven't spoken to this gal in years and am currently very happily married to someone else. haha.]

But anyways, in that moment, I sat up, grabbed my guitar, and quickly wrote a song about it. I went downstairs and played it for my roommates, and they liked it, so I decided I would occasionally bust it out during my busking sets in the hopes of some pity tips. (jk. Sort of.)

THE TWIST: Later that spring, I was busking on Granville Island in Vancouver and decided to play the song. I started telling the back story, and a pretty lady sat down on the bench beside me. She listened, smiled, and walked up to my case and took my very last business card. She ended up emailing me that night to say that she loved my voice and that she thought the girl from the song had made the mistake. AND LO AND BEHOLD, that email exchange spiralled wildly out of control and I ended up moving to Ottawa and marrying the pretty lady from the bench the following summer. Crazy right?

So this is an older song of mine that was nearly retired, however the pretty lady from the bench told me it is still one of her favourites, so we decided it was a keeper and put it on the record, which will be coming out real soon!

In the meantime, here's a live video that we shot in the studio during the making of my debut full length record "Restless", thanks to the masterful skills of Jim Bryson / Fixed Hinge Recording and Jeff Watkins.


You can now buy / stream the album version of this song on iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify


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