I'm a grown up!

I've been working on this for a while now. I decided it was time to treat myself to something awesome, and it feels great to finally be able to say that I have a nice anechoic booth that I can make some decent home recordings in. It's dark and the ventilation is poor, but it's permanent and it's all mine! Up until really recently, I'd spent nearly decade living in overpriced apartments in urban centers with paper thin walls and no space. Adulthood moved me into a 'burb with a beautiful lady, and I suddenly had space to make this. When I get in this booth, there is nothing but me, my guitar, and an eery silence. It feels great to not have to tear everything down when I'm done breaking that silence. High five, self - ya done good. 

I'll have some booth-recorded stuff to share soon, most likely in the form of a live video.